B2B & B2C

Both B2B and B2C companies can benefit from Kazark’s integration with existing search tools and data. Information providers, such as news outlets, sports portals, and financial portals, will soon be able to provide a richer user experience.


E-commerce sites, including shopping aggregator and niche e-commerce portals will be able to deliver highly refined search results complete with recommendations on complementary or matching items, upsells, upgrades, and similar sales opportunities.


Some of the newer navigation-driven comparison services, such as those designed for movies, cars, or even real estate properties, can deliver robust search results with multilevel viewing and discovery opportunities.


Key benefits of Kazark integration for B2B and B2C companies include retrieving more high-quality information in less time, delivering more relevant and accurate results, adding a layer of context to each and every search, promoting exploration and discovery, providing a dynamic interface for a fresh, innovative user experience.


Kazark is revolutionizing data manipulation for the purpose of refining the traditional search process with an expanded version — multidimensional search results that are more relevant and useful to users, and more profitable to advertisers and businesses publishing content online.


Kazark is building out its back-end functionality to sell the platform to companies that are ready to provide a robust user experience through search, an experience that will soon transform the way the world searches and interacts with information online.